Your Hosts

June 26, 2017

Mikey Johnson


Mikey has been reviewing scare attractions for ScareTOUR since 2012. With a BA Honers Degree in Theatre to his name, Mikey uses his specialist knowledge of Artauds Theatre of Cruelty along with other detailed research when reviewing attractions. Mikey is also the Co-Owner of Escape Entertainment, a company that creates scare attractions specifically designed for families. On top of writing for ScareTOUR and creating attractions with Escape Entertainment, he also runs the ‘Scare Actors Group’ on facebook. The Scare Actors Group helps aspiring and seasoned scare actors find new and exciting acting opportunities



Sean Rouse



Sean has been growing his knowledge within the UK scare attraction industry for a number of years. In 2011 he opened his first attraction which received major critical acclaim, and since then has been helping many other well known attractions with their creative design ideas. Today Sean takes a great interest in set design, merchandising and construction of attractions, and is the director of 'Fear It' Merchandise and 'The Fear Horror House'.Sean loves nothing more than experiencing new and exciting attractions, meeting with the creators and sharing that same passion that drives the UK Scare Industry.



Hannah Page



Hannah has been the brains behind Mikey’s ScareTOUR reviews since 2012. Since graduating with a BA Hons Degree in Theatre, Hannah (along with Mikey) have experienced over 300 Scare Attractions around the UK and Europe. Hannah also Co-Owns Escape Entertainment and takes a lead role with set design and performance management. Hannah loves attractions that create true escapism with great sets and high quality performances.